ALPERSTONE from André Lourenço Pereira Ribeiro started its activity by February 1991.

The passion for natural stone and the skill for exploring its potentialities was the motion for this challenge.  With limited equipments and one single man emerged the company that stands today in the market with a real and innovated response.

Nowadays, ALPERSTONE is a well-known reference for the quality of the services provided. The products conceived and developed as a specific answer to customer demands and requires, are personally followed in order to anticipate needs and provide an excellence service.

The promotion of human resources has been one of the biggest concerns of our company, focused on training, motivation and versatility of all employees.

In spite of its modern resources, there is a constant search for sector innovations and adoption of updated methods and technologies.

The option for prime quality raw-materials and the suggestion of the appropriated material to each specific work are one of our basic rules, as well as the offer of economic and efficient solutions on a challenging competitive market.

The wide range of materials transformed by ALPERSTONE goes from granite and traditional marble to foreign stones, including also slate stone, limestone, compacted quartz (Silestone and Compac) and other emerging materials on a permanent developing sector and constant discovering of new materials.

The products we made have a large diversity, where we pointed out kitchen and bathroom countertops, including sinks, drain ramps, wash-hand basin and shower trays, floors and wall’s coverings, exterior stonework, windows and doors sills, heads and laterals, wall copings and other architectural works.

ALPERSTONE also has a long experience on funerary art, building all kind of graves and respective accessories, such as tombstones, flowerpots, wax bases and others. 

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